Terres CHECK-IN premia curts grecs, catalans i japonesos com els millors audiovisuals d’‘hospitality’ en una cerimònia a Barcelona

The Terres CHECK-IN Awards, reference awards in the audiovisual field of the hospitality sector, have recognized short films from Greece, Catalonia and Japan at the ceremony held this Wednesday at the Hotel Alimara BCN. The distinction of the best audiovisual shorts on hospitality has been combined with a set of training activities. Terres CHECK-IN International Hospitality Film Awards is an initiative of Tierras Landscape and Travel Communication and three private foundations that focus on tourism: CETT Fundació, Climent Guitart Foundation and Jordi Comas Matamala Foundation.

Terres CHECK-IN Winners

The awards have been in the following categories:
To the audiovisual proposals of the organizations of the tourism sector that generate an inspiring, emotional, unforgettable and memorable experience to enjoy, that helps create a feeling of “never wanting to leave” or as late as possible from this tourist experience and of wanting to return.
To the audiovisual proposals of organizations in the tourism sector, where the application of technologies related to the digital and technological field is the main axis of communication with the aim of improving the added value provided to customers and their user experience and increasing their competitiveness.

Gold for Casa Batlló 10D experience arrives (Catalonia)

Silver for Grand Tour of Catalonia (Catalonia)

To the audiovisual proposals of organizations in the tourism sector that demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, in order to preserve our planet for future generations
Award that recognizes the audiovisual piece that best conveys the differential characteristics of the territory of Barcelona, ​​its organizations and its people.
Category that rewards audiovisual proposals from organizations in the tourism sector where the importance of people is clearly highlighted to help fulfill “the dreams” of tourists enjoying unforgettable experiences.

El ganador es Can Buch

Terres CHECK-IN reviews

The director of the Terres Travel Festival and co-organizer of the Terres CHECK-IN Awards, Santi Valldepérez, has assured: “Video ends up being an unbeatable prescriber. Nothing can replace the user experience, it is obvious, but the video has a capacity to move that can be decisive when it comes to installing an accommodation or a tourist service in the top of mind of the future traveler.”
For her part, the president and CEO of the CETT, Dr. Maria Abellanet i Meya, expressed her satisfaction that the Hotel Alimara, of the CETT Group, has hosted the Terres CHECK-IN Awards: “It is an honor and also the confirmation that the bet that the CETT made at the time for the tourism and audiovisual binomial at the time was a success. More than a decade ago it was an emerging tourism model and now we can already speak of a consolidated and quality model”.
Lastly, Pere Cabañas, vice president of the Climent Guitart Foundation, stressed the importance of proposals such as this one: “We give the sector an opportunity to share audiovisual content and generate synergies. We predict a long journey to Terres CHECK-IN, because it is a unique showcase in the world”.
Space for knowledge of the audiovisual of ‘hospitality’
The proposal of the Terres CHECK-IN International Hospitality Film Awards festival was born with the desire to create community and connect the various actors that make up the hospitality industry on an international scale. Thus, the aim is to create a space for knowledge, exchange and communication trends that can be transferred to the sector in order to improve the experience at a time when tourism audiovisuals have reached a point of great maturity. Terres CHECK-IN aims to be the world benchmark in the audiovisual field of the hospitality sector and to be the showcase of the marketing trends of the organizations that make up the tourism, hospitality and gastronomy industry. The Terres CHECK-IN will be the gateway to the Terres Travel Festival, which will hold its professional sessions between September 8 and 9 in Tortosa.
The event in English: