Catalonia from the sky

From April 18th to May 20th
Museum of Tortosa

The photographic exhibition “Catalonia from the sky” brings together a selection of 44 images by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, with the peculiar perspective that characterizes the work of this international photographer specialized in capturing aerial images. A different look made from an unusual place, by a photographer who dominates an original expressive technique.

From this disconcerting angle of observation provided by the aerial view, Yann Arthus-Bertrand proposes a journey through Catalan geography through very varied images of a diverse and complementary territory; from the solitary altitudes of the Pyrenees to the unexpected plans, from the varied coastlines, to the humanized landscapes of the ski slopes; and from the regularity of the Barcelona’s Eixample to the spectacular nature of the millennial monuments or the human towers erected by the castellers.

The images of Yann Arthus-Bertrand are accompanied by the texts of the socio-ecologist Ramon Folch, a great connoisseur of Catalan geography that interprets the aerial view of the country. The photos shown are part of a book published by Lunwerg Editors in four languages, which includes hundreds of images from all corners of Catalonia, with Folch texts.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand is considered the best aerial photography specialist in the world. Their photos of the Earth contemplated from the sky show landscapes full of beauty and color, but also show the problems that affect our planet. In 1991 he founded Altitude, the world’s first aerial photography agency, which brings together photographers from many countries. He is a member of the “Académie des Beaux-Arts de l’Institut de France”.

Ramon Folch is a biologist, ecologist and botanist, doctor in biology and professor of Socioecology at the Catalan Institute of Technology, and professor of Botany at the University of Barcelona.

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Perú, the other route

Photographs by Morgana Vargas Llosa
From April 26th to May 31th
Marcel·lí Domingo Library, Tortosa

Supported by B the travel brand

The photo exhibition “The other route” by Morgana Vargas Llosa, is a trip to the interior of Peru and an approach to its protagonists: a tour of those places that do not appear in the usual circuits of tourism, but that have the attraction and the surprise of things yet to be discovered.

The 31 photographs that comprise the exhibition include landscapes of a nature reserve in the Alto Mayo area in Moyobamba, forests and waterfalls in Chachapoyas, a community in the highlands of the Urubamba in Cusco or the pampas of Alto Catacha in Puno.

This photographic project has as a common denominator the search for people dedicated to improving their environment and contributing to the development of their community from education, family life and environmental conservation.