Scouting in Catalonia

Ceded by the Catalunya Film Commission.

The exhibition Scouting in Catalonia allows discovering unknown or little-visited places in Catalonia as a result of having become a stage of audiovisual productions.
Scouting in Catalonia puts in value everyday spaces as possible scenarios, discovers the potential of cities, towns and landscapes to represent different realities beyond our own and allows us to know the work of localizers, key professionals in the audiovisual world.

Tortosa Museum

April 11th – May 12th

Good morning Anctarticans

Ceded by B the travel brand.

“Good morning, Antarcticans.” With this phrase, the ship’s head of the Ushuaia ship, where photographer and videographer Rubén Sánchez traveled, woke up the crew every morning through the public address system.

On this trip to the most isolated continent on the planet, Rubén portrayed not only the landscapes, but rather the experience of traveling as a tourist to the Antarctic territory.

“Awakening in Antarctica is a unique experience,” he tells us. “Look through the bull’s eye of the cabin and contemplate the floating ice in the sea, 2 and the ice and rock mountains of the Antarctic peninsula. The feeling must be similar to landing on another planet”.

Marcel·lí Domingo Library

April 16th – May 25th