‘No Joy in Life is Small’ from Turismo de Andalucía wins the Grand Prix at the Terres Travel Festival

On Friday 9th, the awards have been presented for the 6th edition of the tourism and travel film competition, which was held in Tortosa from September 2 to 10

The audiovisual of Andalusia’s 2021 tourism campaign, starring actor Antonio Banderas, has taken home the top prize at the Terres Travel Festival in Tortosa. It is a work entitled No Joy in Life is Small, produced by the agency Proximity BBDO. The audiovisual inspires an inexhaustible source of emotions and focuses on the concept of joy. The award was presented as part of the closing gala of the sixth edition of the tourism and travel film competition. The event brought together industry professionals at the Racó de Mig Camí restaurant in Tortosa and was presented by the actress Ivana Miño.

The French film Cher plastique – A toxic love story, recognized as Best Film for the Promotion of Sustainability – Terres de l’Ebre, also stood out among the winners. The film reviews how, since the 1950s, plastic has revolutionized our lifestyles. Narrated as an intimate love-hate letter to plastic, this film questions our ambiguous relationship with this material.
The Recomencem Award given by the Patronat Turisme Terres de l’Ebre has gone to French director Hamed Oualdi for the film Cannes is Still Standing in which restaurateurs, hoteliers and tourists sing and dance to the rhythm of Elton’s music John to promote France’s second most important tourist destination after Paris. For its part, the documentary by Paco Ortiz and José Carlos Stories of Water has received the Climent Ferrer Award for Best Production on the Values ​​of the UNESCO biosphere reserve. The film narrates a journey through Spain, which passes by the source of the Guadalquivir and its mouth. The journey allows you to look for stories related to water, flora and fauna, traditions and festivals, trades, architecture and history.

The recognition of a whole career
This year, the festival has also recognized the career of journalist, producer and film director Jordi Llompart, with the Terres Pioneers award. Llompart has produced and directed films, documentary series for film and television and has driven other innovative IMAX and 3D cinema projects. Among his latest works, The Last Wild stands out, a feature-length documentary in which he claims the recovery of the links between human beings and nature. He has also directed The World of the Fatimids, based on the Fatimid dynasty that controlled North Africa now a thousand years ago.

Journalist and producer Jordi Llompart with Jaume Moya, artistic director of the festival

The festival has ended on Saturday, September 10, with the public screening of the award-winning films in the Educational Hall of the Museum of Tortosa and the musical performance by Clàudia Xiva and Josep Lanau in Teodor González Park. The contest has brought together 114 films, including documentaries, short films and commercials that have been screened in various spaces of the Museum of Tortosa, in the modernist grounds of the old slaughterhouse.
The Terres Travel Festival – Films & Creativity is the only event specialized in audiovisual tourism that is held in Catalonia and throughout the State and since 2019 it has been a member of the CIFFT circuit, the International Committee of Tourist Film Festivals which gathers 14 festivals of ‘all over the world and constitutes a unique competition in the world, aimed at awarding the best tourism films in the world. Terres Travel Festival energizes the territory directly and involves all citizens in the promotion of sustainable tourism, by supporting local cultural industries and strengthening their image and brand appeal.

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