The Sustainable Tourism Day, the novelty of the seventh edition of the Terres Travel Festival

From September 8 to 16, the Terres Travel Festival will once again bring to Tortosa a selection of the best international cinema about travel and sustainable tourism, in a seventh edition marked by the first edition of the Terres Sustanaible Day Tourism. The contest, in which one hundred and twenty-seven films from up to twenty-six different nationalities participate, will offer fifteen film sessions, debates and talks and will be attended by directors, producers and professionals of cinema and tourism from around the world.
Near and far destinations, recognized and unusual places, natural spaces, historical heritage or life and travel experiences are some of the themes that each year brings together the Terres Travel Festival. The festival will be inaugurated on September 8 with the documentary Soy la tierra, historias desde el fin del mundo, a Chilean production by Maite Alberdi that based on five thematic axes – sustainable agriculture, conservation of biodiversity, renewable energies, solutions to the water crisis and astronomy— shows the efforts of Chileans to face the transformations of their environment and find solutions for a better future.
The program highlights the German production Wyoming – In America’s Lonesome heart, an invitation to enjoy the national parks and wildlife of the state of Wyoming (USA), which also addresses social issues around the Wind River Indian Reservation . The journalist and director of the film, Klaus Scherer, turns the guests of a ranch into the protagonists of this travel documentary, who will have to overcome some challenges, such as riding horses and pushing the cattle to their new pasture. Also worthy of mention is the French documentary Ubuntu Overland, l’éducation par l’aventure. Une famille sur les routes d’Afrique directed and produced by Arnaud Delorme and Perrine Delorme. Released this year 2023, it narrates the journey of a family that travels throughout southern and eastern Africa for a year with the aim of learning from those who are committed to educating future generations about environmental problems.
On the evening of September 15, the award ceremony of the Terres Travel Festival will be held at the Racó de Mig Camí restaurant in Tortosa. It is an event presented by the actress Ivana Miño during which thirty-eight awards will be presented including category prizes, special prizes and grand prizes, and which will conclude with a dinner with products accredited with the seal of the Reserva de the Terres de l’Ebre Biosphere. The final point of the festival will be on September 16 with the public screening of the award-winning films and the musical performance of the rap and trap group Shuriikenn and the pop rock group Lady Lux in Plaça de la Cinta de Tortosa. The entire program can be consulted on the website
First edition of Terres Sustanaible Day Tourism
The festival launches Terres Sustanaible Day Tourism, a day during which experiences and audiovisual projects of sustainable tourism will be shared. The activity will be held on Friday 15 September in the morning at Espai Moreira in Tortosa and will begin at 10.00 a.m. with the conference by Camille Allard and Daisy Graves from Unesco Green Citizens, a platform that highlights inspiring projects and of high impact for biodiversity, oceans, hydrology and education for sustainable development.
The program of this day on sustainable tourism will last until noon with the presentation of four success stories from different cinematographic productions: Notre Terre (Guindala Production), a journey into the heart of the elements that have shaped our world (earth, fire, etc.); Slovenia Green (Slovenian Tourist Board), narrates the experience of a cyclist during the “Slovenia Green. Gourmet Route”, cycle tourist route created in 2021; Travel Deeper. Etna and Alcantara Valley, which allows you to get to know these two Sicilian landscapes, their people and culture, and finally, Finding Encanto (Wherenext), a series in which six tourists with different passions visit Colombia and which shows the multiple attributes of this South American country through the six experiences. The day can also be followed by streaming through the festival’s YouTube channel.
Terres videogame, environmental awareness
On September 14, as part of the festival, a BETA-DEMO version of the Terres Videogame – Terres videogame will be presented. It is a game, created by students of the upper level of Videogame and 3D at the PIA Nostra Senyora School in Barcelona and the Institut Montsià d’Amposta, which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues through gamification.
The game consists of choosing a character who will have to face five environmental challenges inspired by problems in the Terres de l’Ebre, but which can be extrapolated to any part of the world. Each challenge has different levels with environmental goals such as collecting plastics or cleaning reservoirs. For each screen passed, players earn rewards, such as tips to be good travelers or points with which you can buy rice liquor, cakes or palm pods to gain effectiveness in the game, and new obstacles such as crabs or snails appear.