“Green Azores – Outdoor Stories”, Iberian Award 2019

The Portuguese production “Green Azores Outdoor Stories” was awarded on October 25 with the award for the best audiovisual audiovisual production of the Iberian Peninsula of the year 2019.

The award, jointly awarded by the ART & TUR – INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FILM FESTIVAL and TERRES TRAVEL FESTIVAL – FILMS & CREATIVITY festivals, was presented by the directors of the two festivals, Francisco Dias and Santi Valldepérez, at the ART trophy delivery ceremony & TUR, held at Torres-Vedras Theater-Cinema, a city in the Central Portugal region that has hosted the festival in its 12th edition.

Produced by Francisco Lufinha and directed by Guilherme Melo Ribeiro, “Green Azores Outdoor Stories” explains how green the Azores Islands are through a story to the 2 most remote islands of the archipelago: Flores and Corvo.