The TERRES TRAVEL FESTIVAL – awards for films about sustainable tourism and a commitment to new audiovisual formats

A Sustainable Journey, a German production by the director Keith Partridge, has won the Best Film Promoting Sustainability award in the third edition of the Terres Travel Festival – Films & Creativity; a film competition specialized in tourism films about landscape and journeys, which has been held in Tortosa (Catalonia) and comes to an end on Sunday 5 May. The short film relates a journey to explore the effects that tourism has on the environment, culture, and local economies with the aim of encouraging travellers and local communities to implant sustainable tourism.

Among the other awards of the festival the Insiders Guide to Riga won the Grand Prix. A series of promotional films forming part of an online campaign to promote Riga as a tourist destination, the videos were designed to work on Facebook as opposed to conventional advertising and connect with a young target audience through eight very different characters each playing a different role. The videos have been seen almost ten million times on social networks. This same project also won the prize for best film in the category Tourism Destination- City. Memories of A Destination by Vijay Sawant won the Tourism Destination – Region award. This film takes us round destinations in the heart of India; a delicious kaleidoscope of landscapes, gastronomy, heritage, and culture told through the eyes of tourists. The best film in the Tourism Destination – Country category was the South African production, A story at every turn.

The prize for Best Production Encouraging Respect Among Cultures – UNESCO went to Madrid embraces you, produced for Madrid Destino by the director Juana Macías. A film focused on two of the attributes that define Madrid, its hospitality and the capacity to accept and take people in. Intangible values seen through the image of an embrace or hug seen in this film. Instants to visit the Pyrenees took the award for Best Campaign with a series of audiovisuals developed especially for social networks, which show an inspired moment of life in the Catalan Pyrenees. The award for Best Tourism Film of Catalonia was for director Jordi Molet for the audiovisual campaign Vic, Slow City. Three short films based around the same idea: a day in the city of Vic seen as an experience of peace, walks, and delicious meals that will leave its mark on you for the rest of your life.

A commitment to tourism audiovisuals

The third edition of the Terres Travel Festival – Films & Creativity, specialized in tourism films about landscape and journeys, began on 26 April and will end on Sunday 5 May, 2019. The festival is celebrated in Tortosa (Catalonia) and has projected a hundred audiovisual productions from 24 different countries in the official section. Ever since its first edition (2017), the festival has enjoyed the support of the university, public administrations, and companies from the principal relevant sectors (tourism and audiovisual). The festival has the EFFE seal, a European-wide recognition focused on artistic quality, territorial structuring, and the promotion of the creativity. Since November 2018, the Terres Travel Festival is also a member of the CIFFT (Committee International des Festivals of Films Touristiques); the only festival in Spain to form part of this committee.

Terres Travel Festival invigorates local territory and brings citizens into the promotion of sustainable tourism, by means of support for local cultural and firms, strengthening an area’s image and the appeal of its ‘brand’. It aims to be an innovative project that aspires to lead the debate among professionals regarding tourism audiovisuals, and, in parallel, to contribute decisively to a re-balancing of the urban-rural distribution. This contest is one of the first of its kind in Catalonia and Spain, providing an integral model of festival, congress, and parallel activities based around the communication of the tourist experience and sustainability. It is directed at two kinds of audience: professionals and the general public. On the one hand, professionals from the fields of tourism, the audiovisual industry, and marketing. On the other hand, keen travellers and people passionate about tourism and the travel experience.

This year the selected films have been shown in different areas and representative buildings around Tortosa; the Chamber of Trade of Tortosa, Tortosa Museum, the beautifully-restored Lo Forn de la Canonja restaurant, the cathedral square, and the Crypt of the Reparation church among others, with the aim of bringing the festival closer to local citizens. The festival also included the professional congress, Terres LAB — organized together with the Clúster Audiovisual of Catalonia on 2 May — and a press trip with journalists, photographers and influencers from the world of travel, organized together with the Terres de l’Ebre tourism trust.

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