Dos artistes visuals i sonors de les Terres de l’Ebre creen l’espot i la música del festival terres Catalunya

We present you the promotional spot of terres Catalunya – International Eco & Tourism Film Festival. It is signed by the visual effects designer Jaume Moya (Amposta, 1986). To make the piece, Moya wanted to play with the energy that flows from an ancient olive tree, which is the logo of the festival.

On the other hand, musical producer Edgar de Ramon (Amposta, 1984) is the author of the jingle that identifies the festival. A composition that in addition to being the musical theme of the spot will also be heard at the beginning of the different screening sessions of the films that will participate in the festival and will be held at the Theater-Auditorium Felip Pedrell in Tortosa next May 31, and 1 and 3 of June.

Edgar de Ramon explains that he was inspired by the Ebro delta to compose this piece of music. “The Delta has always been, is and will be a source of inspiration for all the artists who have been born or have grown up in these lands. It has been a perfect map to choose the sounds and samples of the piece”,he argues.