El festival Terres Catalunya designat membre candidat a formar part del CIFFT

The International Committee of Tourist Film Festivals, the CIFFT, has accepted the candidacy of the Terres Catalunya Festival as a candidate member to be part of this institution. Terres Catalunya shares the title of candidate member with the Following The Equator Festival, held in the Maldives.

The directors of Terres Catalunya had the opportunity on last Saturday December 2, to present the project to the members of the CIFFT Committee in Vienna (Austria). The CIFFT has currently 17 member festivals with full rights and whose objective since its foundation in 1989 is to maintain and promote awareness of audiovisual work in the international tourism industry.

With the acceptance of the candidacy of Terres Catalunya, the film festival based in Tortosa, whose second edition is already being prepared, will undergo one year of evaluation by the CIFFT. After this period and depending on the evaluation obtained, Terres Catalunya will be able to become a full member of this association that brings together the most prestigious international tourist film festivals in the world, such as Deauville Green Awards or Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards (France), ART&TUR – International Tourism Film Festival (Portugal), The Golden City Gate (Germany), International Film & Video Festival (the United States), Zagreb Tourfilm Festival (Croatia), Istanbul International Tourism Film Festival (Turkey) or Amorgos Tourism Film Festival (Greece) among others.

For more information: https://www.cifft.com/our-members/