The magazine Viajar sponsors one of the main awards of the Terres Festival 2022

The publication grants for the first time the Prize “Authentic Experiences, linked to the territory” within the category of Tourist Products

The TerresTravel Festival will celebrate its 6th edition from September 2 to 10 in Tortosa

Spanish member of the CIFFT circuit (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals, based in Vienna) since 2019, the Terres Festival brings together the most outstanding tourism audiovisual communication. Held uninterruptedly since 2017, this year’s edition is considered the most special as it can be held without the restrictions derived from the pandemic.
The Official Competition brings together a total of 114 productions from 34 countries distributed in 2 competitions (Documentaries and Tourist Communication). Between September 2 and 10, the productions of the Terres Festival Official Competition will be screened at the Tortosa Museum.
One of the main novelties of this edition of the Terres Festival has to do with its winners.
Through a collaboration agreement, Viajar magazine, one of the leading newspapers of Prensa Ibérica-Grupo Zeta, will sponsor one of the most unique trophies in the Terres Festival list of winners, the trophy for productions that illustrate the most authentic tourist experiences linked to the territories where they are carried out. In this way, the specialized publication, which has 238,000 monthly readers of its paper edition, 1 million unique visitors on its website and more than 2 million followers on networks, lends its prestige to the service of the audiovisual industry and sustainable tourism, while maintaining its purpose of encouraging adventure and helping tourists to become travellers, as it has been doing since its foundation in 1972 and in its almost 45 years of existence.
In the process of evolution, which includes a new design and a new concept, to adapt to a new era, Viajar joins this experience to thank the film sector for its commitment to tourism with the delivery of this award.
The director of Viajar, Josep M. Palau Riberaygua, will be in charge of giving this award in the context of the gala that will be held on Friday, September 9 at the Racó de Mig Camí restaurant in Tortosa.
Terres Travel Festival dynamizes the territory of southern Catalonia directly and involves all citizens in promoting sustainable tourism, by supporting local cultural industries and reinforcing their image and brand appeal. Terres shares the vision of CIFFT ( International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals), which with its work contributes to promoting innovation and creativity in tourism communication. Together with the best tourism film festivals in the world, CIFFT is a world reference in the promotion of tourism through video.
Undoubtedly one of the hallmarks of the festival is its trophy, a sculpture by the artist Anna Reverté that symbolizes an olive and whose main element is the palm from the Ports of Tortosa-Beseit. Up to 7 artists and craftsmen participate in the elaboration of a trophy whose economic impact reverts 100% to the territory where the festival takes place, the Ebro Lands.