El festival de cinema turístic i sostenible terres Catalunya es presenta a la Fira Internacional de Turisme de Madrid, FITUR

FITUR, the International Tourism Fair Madrid, is the host of “terres Catalunya”-INTERNATIONAL ECO&TOURISM FILM, being the first festival of its kind celebrated in Catalonia and rest of Spain.
“terres Catalunya” resulted from the partnership between itself and ART&TUR (International Touristic Film Festival Portugal), a partnership signed at the very presentation between both members thus leading to the creation of merged advertising and single themed festival: the Iberian theme festival.
The birth of “terres Catalunya” was due to the partnership with ART&TUR (International Touristic Film Festival Portugal). ART&TUR celebrated its ninth edition in 2016 and is the only festival from the Iberian Peninsula member of CIFFT celebrated this 2016 its ninth edition.

Santi Valldepérez, promoter of the festival, along with Hugo Marcos, the director of ART&TUR presented themselves “terres Catalunya” at the stand “´Terres de l’Ebre” at FITUR. The presentation was certified by the major of Tortosa, Ferran Bel, along with the Tourism Manager, Octavi Bono and the director of Catalan Tourism Agency, Xavier Espasa.

The jury will be composed by a very high class experts in cinema and tourism all of different origins in order to give the well deserved prestige to the vent.

This first edition`s members are as follows:

Swen Waterreus: professor in tourism management at Applied Science University “Inholland”, Amsterdam;

Dorothée Adam: responsable for the audiovisual conferences of french president few years back and author of diverse tourism and sustainable documentaries and corporate productions;

Alejandra Medina: director of a marketing and Chilean touristic destinations agency;

George Pessis: president of the international festival Deauville Green specialized in sustainable development, celebrated in the french city of Deauville;

Kymisha Carey: industrial engineer from North American (she worked at the Department of Energy handling hydrogen technology development);

Hugo Marcos: Vice President of APTUR, Portuguese Tourism Association and the President of ART&TUR-International Tourism Film Festival;

Joana Pardos: local journalist and TV producer, current TV director of channel TV3 “El Foraster” and participant in producing tv documentaries for the TV program “Thalassa”.

The festival “terres Catalunya” will be held from 31st of May to 3rd of June at Tortosa. The deadline for registration of films in different categories ends on 30th of March. Organization committee reports good progress of registrations.

“terres Catalunya” has 3 categories:

TOURISTIC COMMUNICATION: audiovisual production advertising tourism
DOCUMENTARY: exploration of reality, promotion of travel experience, with particular emphasis on respect for the environment and biodiversity.
CORPORATIVE COMMUNICATION: communication between emerging parts of organizations (institutions, NGO’s , business) self related to themes of sustainable development.