Una oliva elaborada amb pauma del Mas de Barberans serà el trofeu del festival de cinema i turisme terres Catalunya

Despite its international focus, terres Catalunya- INTERNATIONAL ECO & TOURISM FILM FESTIVAL is a contest closely linked to Terres de l’Ebre and it so it has been demostrated in both the choosing of the logo – an ancient olive tree- as in the winners trophy: an olive made of palm, designed by a former student of the School of Art and Design (Esardi) of Amposta, Anna Reverté, and developed by the artisans group Art Pauma from Mas de Barberans in a cooperative workshop organized by Rural Development Center of Mas de Barberans. Palm Museum.

It is an award that fits a lot with the Festival’s philosophy, a tourism cinema contest which its main distinction is the commitment with sustainability and the dissemination of values linked to this concept. The palm olive supported in an olive wood base exemplifies the tight relationship between men and nature in Terres de l’Ebre. It is an artisan object made with Palm from the “Port” area following the ancestral technique of weaving palm, a profession that some years ago was endangered and that currently is living an interesting recovery process. This interaction between men and nature is one of the values of sustainability that the terres Catalunya wants to disseminate.

The presentation of the trophy took place on March 31st in Barcelona, in an event at B the Travel BrandXperience, where Swen Waterreus, president of the jury of terres Catalunya and profesor in Sustainable Turism at University of Applied Science Inholland of Amsterdam, also gave a lecture about turism and sustainability.
On the other hand, be informed that the film inscription deadline has been extended until April 10th –it was supposed to end on March 31st- in response to the numerous requests by tourist promotion agencies and producers who are finishing compacting films to present them to the festival.