The competition

Terres de l’Ebre Play is a video production competition for students of training cycles and universities in Spain. The initiative is part of the Year of Sports Tourism of the Catalan Tourism Agency and aims to:

  • Show the Ebro Lands as a destination brand linked to Active and Sports Tourism
  • Promote audiovisual creativity in the training and university fabric


The projects submitted must promote:

  • Active tourism in the Ebro Lands
  • The practice of sports tourism in the Ebro Lands


The competition is open to students of Formative Cycles and University Degrees in Spain. To register, applicants must record the name of their training center in the registration register. The teams must be composed of teams of up to 3 people, which should not necessarily be from the same training center.

Of all the films in competition, a jury will choose a total of up to 8 projects. The organization will assume the following expenses of the chosen projects: transportation (1 vehicle per project), and accommodation and food for a maximum of 3 people per team (2 nights).


Terres Travel Festival – Films & Creativity will provide a briefing that will serve as a guideline for participants to present a creative, original and unpublished proposal that responds to the briefing raised.

Download Briefing


The registration process will be online and will be done through the website www.terresfestival.com/play. The limit for the presentation of the projects is January 19, 2020 at 24h

Proposals must contain the following items:

  1. Title
  2. Synopsis (300 words)
  3. Goals
  4. Which active / sports tourism asset / s in the Tierras del Ebro is promoted?
  5. Visual treatment
  6. Technical resources that will be available
  7. Storyboard

In addition, the registration process will provide a box where participants can host other complementary documentation that they consider interesting for the jury to evaluate their proposal.

Notification of the chosen projects

The projects chosen will be announced through the website www.terresfestival.com/en/play on February 3, 2020. Those interested will also be informed by email.

Team members will undertake to carry out the projects with the quality standards described in the creative proposal presented.


The projects chosen will take place between March 15, 2020 and April 15, 2020. Filming dates (3 days and 2 nights) must be notified 15 days in advance. A local producer will accompany the teams during filming. The organization will facilitate the obtaining of filming permits and the contact with those responsible for public and private equipment contained in the creative proposal.


The chosen pieces (videos in .mov format) must be delivered on April 20, 2020.

A total of two versions will be delivered: original and unpublished, expressly created to participate in this competition:

  • A version of two minutes maximum
  • A 15 second version

Jury Assessment

It will be valued:

  • The narrative originality of the proposal
  • Technical quality
  • The adaptation to the proposed theme: the promotion of active and sports tourism in the Ebro Lands


The jury of the Terres Travel Festival – Films & Creativity will value the films produced within the framework of the competition and choose a winner. The members of the winning team will obtain vouchers of € 1000 each for the purchase of photographic and audiovisual material. All participants will receive a diploma accrediting their participation..


Apart from stating the name of the authors, the films produced must include in the final credits the review «Film produced in the framework of the Terres de l’Ebre Play competition» and the Terres de l’Ebre Reserva logo of the Biosphere. The organization will provide the specific graphic design to be inserted in the assembly.


The films produced will be released within the framework of the Terres Travel Festival – Films & Creativity, on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. The films will also be published on social networks and on the website of the Tourist Board of the Ebro Lands.

Other broadcast and copyright options

The authors of the films will share the copyright with the organization of the competition. The authors of the films may distribute it freely at other festivals, always duly informing the organization.


Terres Landscape & Travel Communication


  • Tourist Board of the Ebro Lands
  • Filmsnòmades
  • Bluverd Communication

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