La gran biodiversitat de Costa Rica en imatges

One of the parallel activities of terres Catalunya – INTERNATIONAL ECO & TOURISM FILM FESTIVAL is an impressive exhibition of photographs about the natural values of Costa Rica. It is a sample given by B the Travel Brand that sums up with a quarantine of snapshots of the photographer Álvaro Cubero the great biodiversity of this small country of Central America. Costa Rica: the small biodiversity giant will be installed until June 23 at the Biblioteca Marcelino Domingo de Tortosa. The photographs are of emblematic species, amphibians and reptiles, birds, insects, mammals and infarct landscapes. Nature in pure state. In it we can find the most characteristic species like the frog with red eyes or the quetzal, a bird of great beauty that is in danger of extinction.

With only 51,000 kilometers of surface in Costa Rica we find five percent of the planet’s biodiversity. It occupies the first place of the world in the biodiversity of amphibians; The second in terms of plants, birds and mammals; And the third in reptiles and plants.

One of the goals of terres Catalunya is to disseminate the values of sustainable tourism and with this exhibition the great natural wealth of Costa Rica is revealed. It is also a way to contribute to its preservation. The inauguration will be next Wednesday May 24 at 7 pm.