Conil, live its light

Director: Juan Cernadas

Producer: Innovafilm

Country: Spain


Conil is a coastal municipality that is characterized by its unique light, the light of its streets, its sunsets, its coasts and natural spaces; the light of its streets, the light reflected in the joy of its people. That light is one of the greatest treasures that Conil has and that is why it must be preserved forever. The video expresses the beauty of Conil reflected in its light and how the Conileños and Conileños, through this fictional trailer, have been and will be in charge of protecting it so that this essence of a coastal town full of vitality lasts forever.


The objective of the video is to show the promotion of the destination, and that is why the Municipal Tourism Board has created an innovative video that shows the essence of Conil, its streets, its natural surroundings, its people and its light. not only the light of the sun, but the light of invades the entire municipality, the joy and illusion with which the people of Conil live and with which they welcome all their visitors.