Lower Silesia - Find Your Way

Director: Dawid Gut

Producer: The collective visuals

Country: Poland


The film shows the beauty of the Lower Silesia region. It shows nature, amazing views and people who love what they do and cycling is their passion. They are free and prove that, regardless of age or agility, will find their way in Lower Silesia.
The film begins with a view of the Table Mountains. It goes to the extreme descents in Bike Park Czarna Góra.
Obstacles, emotions at the highest level and great fun - these are the possibilities offered by downhill routes.
Wilczki Waterfall - father and son seal their journey and admire the waterfall. They enjoy active time together.
Singletrack Glacensis (the longest single track in Europe) seeing fast-moving cyclists or photos of professionals floating in the air, we might think that these roads are intended only for people with extensive experience and those who like adrenaline. Nothing could be more wrong. The Singletrack Glacensis routes offer a wide range of bicycle trails, which is why they will satisfy both people looking for many experiences and those who are just starting their adventure with this type of challenge.
The Izera Mountains - a couple on bicycles. The Izera Mountains attract cyclists both with their beautiful views and a dense network of long, gravel paths and comfortable asphalt paths with slight elevations.
Szklarska Por?ba Singletrack - children play along the way, is a place created for families who want to spend their free time actively. Gravel routes, few hills, designated roads - it's the perfect way for recreation with the whole family. A bicycle trip for the youngest is primarily a pleasure.
Giant Mountains - a famous place in the Lower Silesian mountains, here cyclist feels adrenaline while ridingand it proves that there are routes for everyone, a professional cyclist and a person with a disability ride the same route.
Milicz Ponds (the largest complex of fish ponds in Europe) with the Barycz Valley is a place where everyone will want to come back, and certainly families for cycling trips. It is an ideal area for rides with the youngest children, because there are many loops no longer than 10 km. Routes with beautiful views on the largest and most famous.
The spot also shows the capital of Lower Silesia with amazing bridges and monuments, where lovers spend time on an unforgettable ride on one of the city islands
Mountain bikes, road bikes, tourist bikes, e-bikes, tandems, cargo bikes, handbikes - the choice is huge, as is the range of people who ride them. The spot emphasizes that bicycles are an ecological way of moving, but also a passion for everyone - that's why the spots present people from all age categories: from children to seniors, people with disabilities, people practicing sports professionally and amateurly. In Lower Silesia, each of them will find their own route.


Promotion of sports infrastructure, bicycle routes in the region Popularization of cycling among all groups, regardless of age Popularization of sport among people with disabilities - showing that everyone is equal in passion Promotion of health and sports in Lower Silesia Indicating Lower Silesia as a sports-friendly place for amateurs and professionals