Planet Linz

Director: Sinisa Vidovic & Dinko Draganovic

Producer: FORAFILM

Country: Austria


Latest news: Two astronauts abort their mission to Mars and will land with their rocket in Linz. The excitement is really big. Supporters and opponents are forming, the atmosphere is heated - until the astronauts themselves explain their motivation for this journey. The short film "Planet Linz" sketches various characters from different social backgrounds, describing their reactions to the unknown.


The "Planet Linz" campaign presents Linz as an entire planet to be discovered. The ten-minute short film is the centerpiece of the campaign and is intended to draw attention to Planet Linz. In the film, socio-critical and current issues are taken up and addressed with a wink. It's also about being open to everything new. Linz wants to inspire change and motivate people to take more time for the important things. Because it's all about the little things in life