Dalmatia Storytelling Destination (series)

Director: Antea Ratkovic

Producer: Moonstone Production

Country: Croatia


In every corner of our region, under every pebble, there is a story that has yet to be discovered. The mission of the Dalmatian storytelling destination project is to discover these stories and present the Split Dalmatian County as an authentic, historical, adventurous, colorful, full of life, Croatian, inspiring and full of untold stories destination.The series consists of 14 videos:

1) Welcome to Vitturi Castle

2) Archeological Museum in Split - The Past Is Never Dead

3) Museum of the City of Split - Meet The Father of Croatian Literature

4) Croatian Maritime Museum 

5) Trilj - The Story Of Valeria and Lucius

6) Klis - The Fortress of Mighty Heroes

7) The Me?trovi? Gallery - Art Beyond Time and Space

8) Roko and Cicibela - The Story of Never Ending Love 

9) Mila Gojsali? and The Proud Legacy of Gata 

10) Sinj - The City of Honorable Past 

11) Imotski - Open Your Heart and Hear the Tale

12) There's No Town Like the Town of Split

13) Hvar - Rich Flavours and a Piece of History

14) Trogir - The City of Unforgettable Moments


Dalmatia Storytelling Destination is a series of 14 videos (length between 60-75 seconds).

Videos are created in collaboration with museums and Live costume interpreters. Real people, no actors. Each video presents a micro-destination through a revived historical figure whose story you can experience while in the destination via interpretation tours that are commercially available.