Jiwa Jagad Jawi

Director: Ivan Handoyo

Producer: Julius Bramanto

Country: Indonesia


Jiwa Jagad Jawi is a story concept that refers to the idea of stages of life in the Borobudur temple, as a universal book of human life.  The Spiritual Value of Borobudur is a guide for human life that is not attached to one religion and belief, which tells the story of the cosmic journey of man in the stages of consciousness to the journey of seeking great peace in the cultural history of the land of Java and Borobudur. In the video there is a traveler who wants to travel to Java, she takes cultural and spiritual trips in Java.  Here she finds a sublime awareness, feel and open her eyes. Her hearts for a sublime beauty in the land of Java.


To show the beauty of Central Java and Borobudur Pilgrim journey, also to inspire travelers to do Nature experiences, Wellness and local wisdom experiences, Art and cultural experiences, and meditation holistic experiences.