TransAlentejo Walking Trails

Director: Joao Pedro viegas

Producer: New Light Pictures

Country: Portugal


Rute and Inês are two influencers who choose the Alentejo for another one of their adventures, this time through the Transalentejo walking trails. The routes and landscape scenarios, as well as the rural and urban elements found in travel, will be the main theme of their ?posts? on social networks and interaction with their followers. Although the nature of the Transalentejo routes are an object of fruition and contemplation that inevitably promotes an inner journey, we also intend that this film also results in an emotional dynamic. The film communicates the territory's identity, its cultural and gastronomic heritage, and the modernity and comfort of its hotel and restaurant ambiances. Never losing focus on the central theme which is, naturally, the enjoyment of the pedestrian trails Transalentejo.


To portray a tourism product based on valuing the environmental heritage, simultaneously focusing on tourist

services and local culture, and even increasing the levels of environmental awareness of the local population and

visitors who walk along the Alentejo trails.