Delicious Valéncia. Eternal and seasonal

Director: David Cloquell y Ernest Huart

Producer: IC?NIC

Country: Spain


València and its gastronomy is not only summer, it is also winter, autumn and spring. It is homemade food, but also local, sustainable, or Michelin Star food. Because there are infinite Valencias to taste, like the one in the center, but also green, maritime or gourmet. Because Valencia is in season. Of all, specifically. And that makes it eternal.


Gastronomy is one of the key aspects that speak of a city, that allow it to be known and to cross borders. Valencia has a gastronomic potential recognized nationally and internationally. This potential, in turn, is supported by three key aspects:

1. On the one hand, the city of Valencia and its infinite possibilities (climate, design, landscapes, culture...) 

2. On the other hand, professionals in the sector (chefs, farmers, vendors...) 

3. And, in addition, for its quality raw material (recognized product)