Surf City El Salvador, Home of the right surf

Director: Jos Maladengoitia

Producer: Latin Pro Sac

Country: El Salvador


El Salvador is a small Central American country that is making a huge effort to improve its international image and enter the tourist circuit. However, there are more obstacles than advantages due to political conflicts that took place over a decade ago which are still present in the minds of travelers.

The assignment was to think of a concept that would overcome these brakes and would encourage tourists to visit the country. The solution was to use its beaches, and especially the waves as a lure, to create a modern, sustainable, and touristically appealing surf city that would attract all those lovers and supporters of this sport that aim to discover a new place to surf. This is how Surf City El Salvador was born.


The goals of this campaign were to change the perception of El Salvador as an unattractive country to visit and to position Surf City El Salvador as one of the best places in the world to practice surfing, and to turn it into a must-see place for surfers and supporters of this sport.