An inch from the sky

Director: Telmo Martins

Producer: Lobby Films and Advertising

Country: Portugal


A father and a son embark on a unique journey that takes them to the sky, to the stars and to those they love most, in a moment of closeness, reflection and much love, because of who is and who has already been.


At a time when we all forget a little bit about loving our neighbor, being more patient, smiling more, being more tolerant, connecting more with each other and with the planet and being happier, it is necessary to work towards the sustainability of the planet but also of our own sustainability as humans. Now, imagine going to heaven, without taking your feet off the Earth. Spend a night, in silence, covered by a blanket of stars. Set out to discover a distant universe, and find yourself again, with others and with the planet. This is the value and power that the certified skies of Pampilhosa da Serra, Arganil and Góis have to offer. Serenity, peace, discovery, mystery, love and reflection. A unique, unforgettable and unparalleled experience in a magical territory.