Moldova - discover the routes of life (series)

Director: SKYDRIVE

Producer: ANTRIM

Country: Moldova, Republic of


Moldova is a country that captivates visitors with exceptional wines, scrumptious homemade cuisine, and cherished traditions that Moldovans love sharing with others. In the last years, we?ve been working hard with rural communities around the country, local wineries, and natural areas to develop tourism offerings and create immersive travel experiences, filled with connection to local people and nature, full of great local food and wine, and just a lot of fun.


These videos represent Moldova as a tourism destination.

Moldova is a picturesque country in Eastern Europe. If you like to get an unforgettable experience, then our country will surprise you and leave you with deep emotions. The people give a special color to Moldova! Visiting any corner of Moldova, you will meet pleasant people. Once you arrive in a Moldovan village, you won't even notice how you will be seated at the table, and the host of the house will treat you with a glass of cold wine. Moldovan national cuisine surprises with its simplicity and diversity.