Director: Diego Espada Almanyones

Producer: Diego Espada Almanyones

Country: Spain


Castell d?Aro, Platja d?Aro S?Agaró is a village that is working to make life easier for local people, tourists and definitely for everybody.

To achieve this goal, we are working in several projects for accessibility and one of these has been a course of Catalan Sign Language for the local people. 

To connect the promotion of the municipality, the local people and the accessibility, we had the idea of making a destination promotional video in Catalan Sign Language of Castell d?Aro Platja d?Aro S?Agaró made by the participants of the course, and the result is this video.


The goal is to promote Castell d?Aro Platja d?Aro S?Agaró as an accessible destination showing the different spots of the village with local people as hosts.