Life in Supercell. Timelapse & Hyperlapse

Director: Kirill Neiezhmakov

Producer: Kirill Neiezhmakov

Country: Ukraine


Main idea of my video is how the World was changed during pandemic situation and how our lifes is change. Everything was very fast before and we spent our time in offices and shopping malls. Then motion outside was stopped and streets have become empty. Our cities have become ghost towns. All people moved to their homes and continued their life inside. But in general they only has moved from one cells to another like bees in a hive.

What impressions do you have watching this timelapse? Does it resemble our current life? Or maybe something else?

The shots for this video have been shot over the past few years in cities such as Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Rome, Moscow, Barcelona, Prague, Nice, Vienna and Kharkov. The idea to combine them in one video came with self-isolation and the inability to travel to other countries. But any unusual situation is a good reason to do something that I did not do under ordinary conditions. You can see that shots of my video are united by a common idea, and not by geographical location.