The Voice note: A message from Amorgos

Director: Hanan Zarraq

Producer: Hanan Zarraq and Fares Rawas

Country: Jordan


During visiting Amorgos for the first time, Hannah is sending a voice note to her fiance describing how is she experiencing Amorgos so far. 

As she records the voice note to him, footage around the island are playing, as she mentions the structure of landscape, colors, the welcoming people, and the marvelous view to the big blue sea from the amorgian windows. 


- Introducing the properties of the island to the world through a short film. 

- expanding the touristic market of Amorgos, in order to be one of the top greek island destinations , which would give all tourists the needed greek experience, yet more cosy, less crowded, authentic, and a real local experience. 

- Collaborating with travel agencies, and hotels, to benefit from this film, and make more.