Catalan Pyrenees, Open 365

Director: Ivan Garriga

Producer: Eduard Torres

Country: Spain


From the westernmost valley to the Mediterranean Sea, in the Catalan Pyrenees the mountains tell us stories. Of age-old traditions, of legends. Of a past which can be touched and a land to savour. Each valley is home to hundreds of adventures, ready to be discovered and enjoyed at any time of year. The landscape changes with every season. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, the Catalan Pyrenees are open 365 days a year.

The film emphasises in particular the destination in itself by showcasing some of its wide-ranging attractions in terms of experiences, territory and season. It further highlights the significance of responsible and mindful travel, of exploring the destination without harming it and respecting it as much as possible. This means enjoying every place by fitting in with the environment, always ready to embrace and appreciate the destination?s entire natural, cultural and historic heritage.


The Catalan Pyrenees are a destination known mainly for their nature and have traditionally had a highly seasonal pattern associated with resources such as snow. Hence the film seeks to unlock all their tangible and intangible heritage to encourage travellers who will make it possible to spread tourism over more of the year. This involves presenting the Catalan Pyrenees as an attractive destination in any season where visitors can have a local cultural experience irrespective of the preferences of the target group we are addressing.

The ad is thus designed to get across sustainability and its environmental, social and economic principles as an inseparable part of the destination. Sustainability should be an essential component of the traveller?s journey.

So this film seeks to convey the idea of the Catalan Pyrenees as a unique, all-round destination associated with high-mountain tourism yet also close to Barcelona. It points out that it is a destination open 365 days a year where you can do hundreds of activities in any season. This will help to spread tourism over more of the year while also diversifying it across the whole of the Catalan Pyrenees.

It additionally promotes the destination to foster responsible quality tourism by preserving biodiversity and ecosystems and safeguarding culture and traditions. In other words, we need to put across the vision of responsible travel which embraces and celebrates culture and territory. Travelling is a transformational experience which binds us to the people who travel with us and also to local people through the experiences we have and the destination we visit. This is why we should always bear in mind that we need to take care of and respect the land and everything that is part of it.