Gijonomí­a - El Tostadero

Director: Asur Fuente

Producer: Carlos Barral

Country: Spain


The Treatise on Gijonomy is an ?anthropological and anthological study? showing places, customs and ?specimens? of Gijon. It is based on 9 scientific laws. The concept of Gijonomy is very suggestive, both graphically and in terms of its message, and is becoming a recognizable brand in the city. Each scientific law is represented by a story, whose main characters are people from Gijón who express, from their particular point of view, what we?re like and how we live.

The strength of this campaign lies in the fact that it is an honest, direct and raw exposition of who we are. Nobody acts or pretends. We assume that while foreign viewers will be carried away and emotionally moved by the story, they don?t necessarily have to understand everything. They just need to observe and feel. It is our way of saying, ?If this catches your attention, come and enjoy our city and our people?.

The campaign is constantly expanding in waves corresponding to separate ?scientific laws?. Each new theme offers a new perspective on the city?s life and people.

All the campaign content is presented on a website (, with a version in four languages, and an 88-page brochure. Each theme is captured in various media: audiovisual spot, outdoor graphics, press, magazines, radio and merchandising items.


We?ve moved away from a traditional tourism communication. According to surveys, what is most highlighted by those visiting Gijón is its human value: noble, hospitable, cheerful and charismatic. 

That?s why we wanted to provide a different point of view. Using a documentary style, we let the inhabitants of Gijón express themselves and show their true colors in their own element. 

We want to launch a message to pique your curiosity and make you like us.