Director: Kentaro Kusunoki

Producer: Kazuyoshi Hikoda

Country: Japan


The Nametoko Valley, which is one of the sources of the Shimanto River, which is also called "Japan's last clear stream," and the area at its foot is commonly called "Forest Country." The rich nature and the people who have lived there since long ago have warmly welcomed visitors and taught us the preciousness of nature and the richness of traditional Japanese lifestyles.


Our client, Sun Clair Co., Ltd., has established the lodging facility "Shimanto River Genryu, Mori no Kuni "Waterside Lodge" opened. Direct contact with nature, local people, food culture, festivals, rural experiences, etc. during the stay at the facility encourages the expression of inspiration and impulsiveness, and if there is a connection, it will move to the process of immigration. For that reason, first of all, we produced this video as a medium to widely convey the atmosphere and world view of "Mori no Kuni" to the world.

Ever since we set foot in this "Forest Country" for the first time, Sun Clair Co., Ltd. has respected the rich nature of this land and has the feeling that "we humans are being disturbed by the forest." continue.

I believe that I was able to convey the preciousness of learning from the forest and living with the forest, which I have not been able to put into words so far.

People who watch the video will feel the depth of nature, the warmth of the people, and the charm of this land through the video, first of all, get interested and visit. And I think it would be nice if you could love this town and be deeply involved in it for a long time while going there two or three times.