Naturalmente flores

Director: Paulo Ferreira

Producer: Paulo Ferreira

Country: Portugal


The film was directed and edited by Paulo Ferreira and narrated by Eduardo Rêgo. Paulo Ferreira was recording on the island of Flores for 15 days in 2022 and shows us some singularities in terms of flora and fauna, including the marine life. The images of the seabed in Flores awaken in us the environmental awareness necessary for us all to reverse the course of climate change. The night images (of the Milky Way), recorded around the island of Flores, are a different view than what we are used to seeing. This is because Flores Island has little light pollution, something that everyone should be concerned about. During the film, we almost find ourselves sitting by the sea, listening to the sound of the Cory's Shearwaters, under a starry sky dotted with the light of the Milky Way. They are beautiful images of a special island for Paulo Ferreira.

The film was sponsored by LadoB Café, Viagens Gondomar, Opticália Gondomar, Delete Informática, Ptlapse, Ppsec Engenharia, Socidias and Goldnature and has the support of the Municipality of Lajes das Flores, Aldeia da Cuada, ExperienceOC, and the collaboration of the Flores Environment and Climate Change, Flores Natural Park and Flores Island Biosphere Reserve, the Government of the Azores and the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change. The documentary also had the extraordinary collaboration of the diving team, made up of Gui Costa, Carel Padilha and Filipe Gomes, the latter from the Longitude31 diving school.