Soy la Tierra, historias desde el fin del mundo / I am the Earth, Stories from the southern edge of the world

Director: Maite Alberdi

Producer: Imagen de Chile

Producer Company: Fábula


Client: Imagen de Chile

Country: Chile


Through 5 main themes ?sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation, renewable energies, water crisis solutions, and astronomy?, the documentary features the endeavors of Chilean men and women who deliver solutions to face the planet?s transformations.

The documentary offers a reflection through a multiple narrative story told on 3 levels: a narrator, voiced by Maite Alberdi, representing nature and its own reflections; astronomer Andrés Jordán as the guiding thread for the different stories; and the voice of the actual characters, each from their own experience and territory (from the desert to the ice fields), contributing with solutions for a better future.


Chile ha dado pasos relevantes en sus compromisos para combatir el cambio climático. Desde Imagen de Chile, institución dedicada a la promoción de Chile en el mundo, hemos incorporado esta labor como uno de nuestros pilares fundamentales de posicionamiento. El documental Soy la Tierra da cuenta de historias y casos que desde nuestro país están aportando al planeta.