Aviary Routes 360 in the Biosphere Reserve - Yanachaga Chemillén National Park - San Alberto sector

Director: Alvaro Javier Hurtado Basurto

Producer: Jorge Tiravanti Chocos

Country: Peru


There are 5 films created to promote the Aviary Routes in Oxapampa. Each one has a special narrative line, as different characters narrate how they came to live in this area of ??Peru, while they follow the development of each route.

For this documentary, Aviary Routes 360 in the Biosphere Reserve - Yanachaga Chemillén National Park - San Alberto sector, the main character is Alvaro Hurtado B. a sound engineer and musician, who migrated to Oxapampa and formed the company Tangara Music, with the mission to create innovative projects that generate empathy for nature and strengthen the human-nature bond in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Alvaro meets with the ornithologist biologist Jorge Tiravanti and with the park ranger Shirley Huaman, so that together they venture out to find two very valuable species of birds that are difficult to find in the area. The adventure begins going deeper and deeper into the San Alberto sector of the National Park, where they will cross rivers, steep stairs, waterfalls and trails with hot spots to watch and listen to birds. Stories will be told and they will admire the flora and fauna of the place, understanding that this area was that of the original Amuesha-Yanesha people. Until, during the tour, they manage to hear and spot the bird species in question.

As this chapter of the experience is treated through the approach of the sound engineer and musician Alvaro Hurtado B., it is full of comments and connotations from the world of bioacoustics, sound and music.

In addition, the innovative format used in 360 and binaural sound allows long and contemplative shots, with the unique soundtrack of nature, its soundscapes, and some information hidden in plain sight, inviting the viewer on an immersive journey through the Aviary Routes of the Oxapampa Asháninka Yánesha Biosphere Reserve.


The general objective of the film is to promote birding routes in the Oxapampa Asháninka Yánesha Biosphere Reserve.

Other objectives are:

Propose an innovative and immersive audiovisual format (360-binaural) that allows the viewer to feel as if they were in the place.

Generate interest in eco-friendly forms of tourism, such as bird watching.

Position the bioacoustic experience in the field as a viable and attractive way for ecotourism.

Contribute to alternative immersive experiences in nature through digital media in times of confinement such as pandemics.