Director: Jordi Llompart

Producer: Jordi Llompart

Country: Spain


"Symphony for a new world" is a 42 min. artistic audiovisual documentary that shows in a very emotional way what world we have and what world we could build in the future if the human race developed more intelligence, sensitivity and respect for the environment.

The film takes the viewers on an intense journey around the planet with impressive images and a moving soundtrack, without voice-over narration, exposing them to a wide variety of original and surprising situations that show the main contradictions of human civilization, making them enjoy a unique cinematic experience. 

Symphony for a new world stirs feelings and consciences without presenting the viewer any specific thesis o arguments, but rather brilliantly exploiting the language of cinema, combining documentary images and dramatizations of extraordinary quality and fast-paced soundtrack, enriched with a multitude of sounds effects. 


Impact on people's consciousness, to sensitize to build a new world that is more respectful with the environment, living creatures and human condition, a new world that is more humanistic, more intelligent, more sensitive and more cooperative.