Slovenia Green (Doc)

Director: Andro Kajzer, Matej Lavka & Miha F Kalan

Producer: Zveza Karata Film

Country: Slovenia


"The documentary film Slovenia Green presents Slovenia's green story and, through the stories of locals, destination representatives, and tourism providers, tell viewers that Slovenia is a safe destination with a sustainable offer and unspoiled nature.
The film follows a cyclist on a Slovenia Green Gourmet Route, a cycling route created in 2021 in cooperation between the Slovenian Tourist Board and the Slovenia Green Consortium and the destinations it passes through. This route takes the cyclist among sustainable food providers in Slovenia from Ljubljana to Poso?je, Gori?ka Brda, Vipava Valley, and Karst, and back through the capital to Sevnica, Pod?etrtek, Ptuj, and Maribor. It takes place exclusively between destinations with the Slovenia Green Destination label - a label that recognizes destinations that pay particular attention to responsible tourism development and sufficiently meet the criteria of the international Green Destinations standard."


The main goal of the film is to present and promote the Slovenia Green Gourmet Route, a cycling route that is globally special as it connects destinations and providers with the Slovenia Green label. The label has been given to these Slovenian destinations and providers because they are characterized by a high level of awareness of the impact of tourism on the environment and society, which is why they strive to work in a responsible way towards nature and the communities they are a part of. They are also why foreign visitors perceive Slovenia as a warm and welcoming destination and, above all, as an undiscovered and green part of Europe, offering authentic experiences in unspoiled nature.