Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei: Light Up The Future

Director: Chung-yu Huang

Producer: Pei-chun Tsai

Country: Taiwan


Taipei is a city graced by light.

In 1990, the first Taiwan Lantern Festival was established here. Since then, it has become a globally renowned grand light festival and has been touring various cities in Taiwan since the turn of the millennium. After 23 years, the Taiwan Lantern Festival has returned to its birthplace, Taipei, in February 2023. The city blossoms with the ingenious creations of artists, ranging from handmade lanterns to light sculptures, from installation art to illuminating the entire Taipei 101 building. Each light represents a luminous concept.

How did the city of Taipei organize this splendid evening? How did the capital of Taiwan welcome the arrival of 12 million visitors? This film, shot over a year, documents the diligent efforts of tens of thousands of staff members. It leads the audience behind the scenes and in front of the camera, traversing the city's center and corners, rekindling the brilliance of those 2 weeks. It aims to share the joy and pride of the people of Taipei.

Radiant with lights, shimmering with the spirits of its people, Taipei is a city graced by light.