Au pays de l'abeille noire

Director: Samuel Toutain / Marie Alart

Producer: Nathanaël Friloux

Country: France


On the gentle slopes of the Cevennes, between the green ferns, sits a small hive. Hundreds of small black bees live there. The heart still wild, this beautiful beehive leads a thrilling life there since more than 5000 years. This documentary slips into the life of a swarm for a year: spring awakening, swarming, breeding of new queens, exclusion of bumblebees after the nuptial flight, massacre of males, pollination, and little by little, with winter coming, the return to the great sleep. A pollinating republic that supports a whole community of living beings on the slopes of the Cevennes mountains. This documentary delivers an adventure that follows the path of the largest to the smallest, between thousand-year-old chestnut trees, mellivorous butterflies and orchids manipulators ... All have their fate linked to the black bee ...


Raise awareness of the importance of bees and the impact of their disappearance on our ecosystems, raise awareness of climate change, promote a territory and discover new behaviors