Director: Alexey Danko

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Country: Finland


Cooperation in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region was initiated in Kirkenes, Norway, in 1993. The region includes 14 provinces, regions and other administrative units in Norway, Russia, Finland and Sweden. The Barents cooperation, with its cultural diversity, has provided unprecedented opportunities for scientists, entrepreneurs and travelers. The Northern Sea Route and short routes to Asia are one of the objectives of this cooperation, but the region itself has great opportunities, including eco-tourism. One of the provinces of the Barents Region is the Russian Murmansk Region, located on the Kola Peninsula, which is washed by the Barents and White Seas. The indigenous population of the Kola Peninsula is the Saami. This is a nation of distinctive Arctic culture. Nowadays the total number of Saami on the territory of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Russian Federation is more than 50 thousand people, and a little more than a thousand and a half of them live in the Russian Murmansk region.