The Fishing Fire Light of Hope

Director: Yu YingZong

Producer: -

Country: Taiwan


In the old days the indigenous people in the North Coast fished with bamboo-made torches. Around 1920, the Japanese brought over the acetylene (calcium carbide) technology, which is referred as Sulfuric Fire Fishing, a method still being used today. Currently, the only torch fishery remaining in the world is the Sulfuric Fire Fishing boat in Jinshan. This is not just a form of fishing method, but more importantly, it?s a cultural value of Taiwan?s traditional fishing skill.

In recent years, the number of sardines has greatly decreased, and the current quantity is not nearly as much as before. Since this created a serious problem in supply and sales, the number of people willing to go into the sulfuric fire fishing industry has greatly reduced as well. Jian Shi-kai, born in 1982, returned home to take over his father?s business. Though he started to learn about the sulfuric fire fishing industry in high school, he didn?t formally become a crew member of the fishing boat until he graduated from college. Subsequently, he took over the role of the captain on the ?Fuji 268? Sulfuric Fire Fishing boat.

As the main character of this film, we will record the actions of Jian Shi-kai to present to you the brilliant skills of sulfuric fire fishing, and to document the last generation of captain and crew as they face the challenge and impact of a fading industry!