In Between Fridays

Director: Maximilian Geschke

Producer: Maximilian Geschke

Country: Germany


The film offers a unique insight into the everyday life of an off-grid community in the mountains of Monchique, who have stumbled upon an unusual business idea. Pizza Night - a weekly party that has become one of the biggest events in southern Portugal and the community's main source of income. The film follows German emigrant Rudi, the leader of the small village, his former partner Katharina, their son Francesco and Rudi's current partner Bea in their lives away from the infamous parties and shows how they live together with up to 80 other international helpers in their new home. Is the event really a morally and environmentally acceptable source of income and how do the members justify their lifestyle?
The outbreak of the global pandemic forces the community to temporarily close its doors to outsiders, and the organizers face increasing financial difficulties. The community needs nearly 70,000 euros in donations, reserves and loans to continue. This raises the question of the community's long-term viability.