Wyoming - In America's Lonesome Heart

Director: Klaus Scherer

Producer: -

Country: Germany


Snow capped peaks, wild rivers, famous Natioal Parks with naturals wonders and wildlife from bisons to bears and wolves.
Those, together with the Wild West nostalgia of its residents, are the ingredients that make Wyoming attractive to its visitors. ARD's long time America correspondent und award winnig travel reporter Klaus Scherer and his tv crew join several protagonists, each of them on the way to master some challenges. Take the guests of a dude ranch in the prairie land, who will learn to ride a horse and push cattle to their new grassland, all within two days. Or 10 years old rodeo kid Kasin who gets ready to ride his young bull at Cody's annual festival. In the National Parks of Yellowstone and Grand Teton it is the young tour guide and photographer Tiffany Taxis who leads the tv crew to thrilling geysers and colorful hot springs before she introduces her own favorite lake and mopuntain view spots. With only 600.000 residents Wyoming is the US state with the smallest population.
Highlight of Scherer's travel documentary is a sponanteous invitation to a private Nothern Arapaho pow wow party in the Wind River Indian Reservation. "We are a little proud on that", says Scherer, "since all this didn't happen for tourists, not even for cameras. We were the only strangers. You can't get more authenticity."