The Extraordinary Journey

Director: Herve Tirmarche

Producer: Jalil Armijo

Country: Spain


It?s a lover's game. Where he invites her to to be found in an imaginary maze conformed by the 15 World Heritage Cities of Spain. As she attempts to find him she is swallowed in a fantastic emotional journey.
During her journey she realizes that as important is to reach her goal, it is also, to discover at each step the beauty of the adventures and experiences. She keeps longing to reach her loved one, but also realizes that she is not in a hurry. She will arrive enriched from such an incredible trip, and knowing the true meaning of the World Heritage Cities of Spain.


Make the audience aware that, more than stones and history; more than culture and memory; more than urban and natural spaces... the WORLD HERITAGE CITIES FROM SPAIN are also persons, experiences and emotions.
To visit the WORLD HERITAGE CITIES FROM SPAIN is a magical journey, where the senses guide us and the passion awakens with each corner, each city. An EXTAORDINARY JOURNEY where anything can happen.