Land Of Obsidian Shirataki Geopark

Director: Hiroki Ito

Producer: Hiroki Ito

Producer Company: Geograms.Co.,ltd


Client: Engaru Tourism Association

Country: Japan


Engaru, Hokkaido, is famous for its obsidian ore deposits. Its obsidian output supported the growth of human history by producing sharp stone bladed tools by splitting the ore. Here, many have been preserved as historical relics. It is also covered in unique topographical landscapes born from volcanic activity long time ago. This is protected as a Japan Geopark praised for bringing human history into prosperity with natural resources.


This film was produced to promote the location of Shirataki Geopark in Engaru Town, Hokkaido, which is designated as a "Japan Geopark" by the Japanese government. The geosites are located in the mountains where brown bears live.

On the other hand, the roadside station "Togaru Morino Okhotsk" is located in the town of Togaru and is on the main road connecting Hokkaido, the central region of Hokkaido with Okhotsk and Shiretoko. In this project, we will produce a video optimized for repeat screenings at this station, which will contribute to the recognition and sustainability of the Geopark.