Taste of Alhasa

Director: Mohammed Baqer

Producer: Mjeed Hattaf

Country: Saudi Arabia


This film is part of a series called ?Saudi Senses, We were keen on documenting 5 main destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and linking it to the five senses, and because Al-Ahsa has unique and authentic dishes as it is an area of ??cultivation and farmers, we chose the sense of taste as the way to tell the story of this destination, and we documented in this film many local dishes In Al-Ahsa as part of encouraging local and international tourists to try and enjoy the most delicious dishes and agricultural experiences in this region.


This film aims to market and promote Saudi destinations that were never on the list of visit and exploration, and the main goal can be to encourage people to travel to Al-Ahsa and try the unique dishes and learn about the indigenous culture there.