Bulgaria - Find Your Story

Director: Diana Mincheva-Jordanova

Producer: Jenia Yordanova

Country: Bulgaria


Find Your Story is a concept based on the idea of following the personal experience of those who travel. The video is a glimpse of "how beautiful life can be? moments - discovering a new place and culture, finding a friend, sharing a picture of a sunset or sending a virtual kiss, or simply having a delicious dinner. We are inspired of all the simple things that are important for travelers - meeting someone on the road, creating memories, sharing your experience, and of course, find yourself and Your Story.


Tourism is a means of global communication between nations and travelers of all countries, introducing them to the various cultures and societies abroad, as well their history, ancient, historical sites, and languages. This image commercial of Bulgaria as a tourist destination aims to present the country as a great place for anyone to visit at any time of the year, raising the level of awareness for Bulgaria as a country of rich opportunities for summer and winter holidays, of ancient culture, rich in historical monuments, mineral resources and beautiful nature. Combining storytelling with all the marketing objectives, this image video is successful in highlighting the moments travelers are sharing during their trip to Bulgaria. Our country is shown in a more "emotional" light, shifting focus from budget and convenient destination to a place of experience and beautiful moments.