Be thrilled in every step

Director: Matias Gieco & Carlos Sanchez-Llibre

Producer: Andrea Mingorance

Country: Spain


The desire for a thrill can give you the energy to start a journey. However, it can also be a life companion, who brings out the best in us and reminds us that we cannot give up.
Thrills have no age, like landscapes, which are eternal. Perhaps the feeling of being thrilled is exactly that, a landscape. A place where we feel at ease, where we always want to return to. To feel a thrill in one's own skin is to feel more alive. Like when you arrive at your favourite place in Catalonia or discover a new one and you know it will always be partly your own. Now more than ever, we want to remember that everything is better when you feel the thrill with "El Mago Pop".


All stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. Journeys do too, because they are stories. Inspired by this structure, we propose presenting this campaign in an episodic format: through three audiovisual productions. The objective is to achieve a more profound narrative, in which there is continuity at all times and we feel more connected to the viewers.
We will not settle for just telling them a story. We want to invite them on a journey and travel with them from beginning to end.