Bielsko-Biala. A City in the Mountains. Here You Want to Live

Director: Bartosz Bobkowski

Producer: PANATO PR

Country: Poland


The idea of the film/video is to create and promote a positive image of the beautiful historical city located at the foot of picturesque Beskidy Mountains. It shows that Bielsko-Biala is a perfect tourist destination for those who love urban tourism (shorter, one-day or multi-day visits that may include city sightseeing and/or recreation in nature within reach). The film intertwines both city and mountain landscapes filled with characters of all ages: children, teenagers, adults, families and friends. The film also shows Bielsko-Biala from a bird's eye view - film shots/frames show the historic city location in the mountains, as well as the beauty of architecture and faces of happy smiling people (close-ups).


The film is to show Bielsko-Biala as an attractive travel destination, a place of rich culture, tradition, taking care of its historical and cultural heritage and at the same time as a modern, open, dynamic and rich one; a place that evokes positive emotions.
The film is generaly to attract people to the city and let them both work and live their slow lifes - it is to show that the City of Bielsko-Biala is simply for everybody: inhabitants, tourists and those who look for a new places to move in and live their lifes in the quiter, however, still very comfortable conditions. "Here you want to relax. Here you want to dream. Here you want to have fun. Here you want to live!".