Love Rias Baixas. A love story with the province of Pontevedra

Director: Alberto Baamonde & Laura Fontan

Producer: Cristina Lopez

Country: Spain


The video, under the slogan "LOVE RIAS BAIXAS" narrates a love story with the province of Pontevedra. It tries to transmit the feeling of having known a place and having the sensation of wanting to stay in it through interviews with real people from other places in the world who, for different motivations, fell in love with the destination and decided to stay here t olive. These motivations are bases on the strong points of the destination: heritage, culture, enogastronomy, its way of live, its people... Through them we discover why it is so easy to fall in love with the destination Rias Baixas.


The fundamental purpose of the video is to achieve notoriety through the intangible values of the Rias Baixas destination.