Linz is Linz

Director: Sinisa Vidovic, Dinko Draganovic

Producer: Sinisa Vidovic

Country: Austria


Welcome to the city without frills and clichés! Get to know Linz: honest, courageous, old-fashioned, boring, always changing. This city on the Danube is not like others, nor does it have to be, because Linz is Linz. Museums, theatres or nature spots can be found everywhere. Nooks and crannies, self-irony, lightness and people who welcome everyone with open arms are all to be found in Linz. The city wants to be honest, just as it is.


The objective of the #linzistlinz campaign was to generate attention in a time full of diverse tourism campaigns. Linz Tourism wanted to set a clear counterpoint to the usual, thoroughly interchangeable tourism advertising. The campaign should also feed into the image that the city has built up since the Capital of Culture year 2009, and tell Linz's story as a modern, changed, forward-looking and authentic city.