Azerbaijan. Where culture meets adventure

Director: Daria Chernova

Producer: Sergey Stanovkin

Country: Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan is a land of extraordinary revelations - a truly unique amalgamation of ancient heritage, modernity and well-preserved traditions of multiculturalism, combining the charms of both East and West. The series gives the opportunity to get a glimpse of the country?s diverse natural beauty, ancient cultural and historic heritage, fantastic wellness offerings, stunning scenery and many more.
The viewers have a chance to travel through Azerbaijan?s magnificent landscapes and explore its main landmarks, from iconic Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku to UNESCO-listed Khan's Palace in Sheki to the fabled medieval Alinja castle in Nakhchivan. Discover the city skylines, sandy beaches, lush forests, mountains and lakes, ultra-relaxing resorts and flavor-packed cuisine of Azerbaijan and take another look at this beautiful country.


The series aims to uplift and inspire the audience from all over the globe to travel to Azerbaijan, take another look at the country's boundless tourism potential and explore new, genuine tourism experiences in the post-pandemic era. With international travel restrictions being gradually lifted and the global tourism industry recovering after the crisis, travelers are looking for authentic experiences and full cultural immersion. The series exhilarates and encourages travelers to explore the opportunities Azerbaijan has to offer - no matter whether you are looking for reconnecting with nature, embarking on a gastronomic adventure, uncovering ancient heritage or boosting your wellbeing, all these await you in Azerbaijan.